New cycle meeting place & training for Winter

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New cycle meeting place & training for Winter Empty New cycle meeting place & training for Winter

Post by Helly on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:48 am

Hi All,

We have changed our meeting place for Cycle on Sundays to the Top Garage (beside B&Q roundabout), 9.30am as usual. This applies for all groups and will be the norm from now until xmas (we will review it again then in January)

The aim is to get all club members out cycling at some stage and to have a group to cater for everyone. We will break everyone into 2 or 3 groups depending on abilities on the day. Everyone in group will stay together with no-one being left behind at any stage on the cycle. Distances will vary from 30 - 50+ miles but can include shorter routes for newcomers if necessary.

Last Sunday was our 1st outing with this new location/group system and it went great. We had 17 cyclists split into 2 groups.
Group A (faster group) included Shane Scadding, Tom Casey, Gavin Quinlan, Brian Slattery, Marc O'Cathasaigh, Darryl Hale, John McDonald & John Power. They did about 55 miles avg. just over 17mph.

Group B (slower, more social group Very Happy ) included Olive Costello, Roisin O'Grady, Rachel Green, Catherine Galvin, Michael Carroll, Ian Kelly, David, Siobhan Kennedy & Helen Whyte. They did about 35 miles avg. just over 15mph.

Now is the time to come along if you want to start cycling again after taking a break after a busy race season.

I would advise wearing plenty warm clothes. Summer is definitely over! Some of us were caught out last Sunday wearing summer gloves & shorts as it looked lovely and sunny outside but it was FREEZING! Actually, one member (who shall remain nameless) left home early to drive to Cork and neglected to inform his beloved before she left for her cycle that his car registered 1degree temp. So she, along with other female members, (who will not be listening to their other halves in future) almost froze to death! (slight exaggeration...) At least the guys ears were warm from all the giving out the females did about them..

Bring plenty of food & drink as we got quite hungry yesterday in the colder weather.


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