Dungarvan 10mile

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Post by Helly on Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:17 am

Yes, we had a good crowd of members doing it..and some great results..(Hope I didn't miss anyone)

Stephen Doyle 1.04.12
Michael Bowes 1.04.50
Brian Slattery 1.06.03
Noel Dillon 1.07.47
Andrew Hickey 1.08.53
Henry Moloney 1.09.28
Paul Hallahan 1.10.26
John Kinsella 1.13.32
Aidan McCarthy 1.16.07
Siobhan Dunphy 1.16.26
Mark Daly 1.16.46
Kieran Eaton 1.19.02
Norma Goggin 1.23.45
Caroline Russell 1.28.07
Roisin O'Grady 1.30.40

Brian, Michael and Noel Dillon were feeling so energetic afterwards that they cycled home to Waterford/Tramore after the race (with Marc O'C for company who had cycled down to watch also..)


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Dungarvan 10mile Empty Dungarvan 10mile

Post by steve on Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:53 am

results up...http://www.westwaterfordathletics.org/Dungarvan102010.pdf


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