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Post by roco71 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:39 pm

Bob Cowman: 72.20

While I would love to take the credit for this it was actually Martin Flynn who ran this using my number yesterday. Too wet for me to be running (elbows Ger).

Well done all.


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Dungarvan 10 Empty Re: Dungarvan 10

Post by Helly on Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:54 am

There was a great start to the season for many club members today with some absolutely fantastic times being run for the Dungarvan 10miler. Even though it was wet, the rain provided a nice coolant for the race.

We had 18 club members run with 3 club members finish in under 1 hour.

Martin Kirwan: 58.20 (a new pb!!)
Frank Walsh: 59.09
Aubrey Storey: 59.43
Barry Lambe: 61.10
Peter Barry: 63.43
Dots Connolly: 65.08 (a new pb)
Siobhan Kennedy: 67.10 (pb I think)
Stephen Doyle: 67.40
Bob Cowman: 72.20
Liam Power: 73.31 (pb I think)
Marc O'Cathasaigh: 73.31
Derek Nolan: 74.53
Aidan McCarthy: 80.59
Norma Goggin: 83.28
Ger Hearne: 83.52
Ann Hennebry: 86.17
Olive Costello: 87.08 (Took 13 mins off her previous best!)
Annette O'Mahony: 93.17

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone...

(Caroline Russell & Kieran Eaton could be seen helping out with marshalling)

The Ironman guys and girls are well on track with their training.

Full results here:


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Dungarvan 10 Empty Dungarvan 10

Post by kc on Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:47 pm

If anyone has entered the Dungarvan 10 and are not going to do it I would be delighted to take it off their hands. Went to enter last Monday to find out it was closed. Was told entry was open until 16th but did not realise that they had a cut off at 1500 people. I suppose I will read the small print in future.


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Dungarvan 10 Empty Re: Dungarvan 10

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