Sunday Spin 06/11/11

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Re: Sunday Spin 06/11/11

Post by Slatts on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:20 pm

The boul / bowling ball was actually heading for Davin but he gave it the hairy eyeball and it rethought its course and took Stefan out instead Suspect


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Sunday Spin 06/11/11

Post by Spins on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:33 pm

So Winter training has officially begun and there was a good turnout yesterday morning for the first real group spin. Somwhere between 15-20 club members showed up at the the TOP garage inclusing a few new faces, which it's great to see. The weather played ball and was ideal for a spin. The promise was a 'handy pace' but the pace ended up somewhere above handy but less than hard. We all headed out the Cork Road as one group and a few others joined us on the way. On the way, some people turned off and other, more disciplined members, stuck to their guns ands maintained a handy pace (wish I had).
We regrouped at the top of the Pike, then headed down a few narrow country roads with grass in the middle (love those type of roads) before linking up with the main coast road back through Bonmahon, Annestown, Tramore and home. Probably one of the more unlikely punctures occurred in Fenor when the usual group of Fenor lads were out playing their Sunday morning game of road bowling (is that what it's called?) when one of the bowls came flying through the 'peloton' and blasted Stefans valve off (that's not a euphemism). Gave me a chance to catch up though, every cloud has a silver lining I suppose. I blew up somewhere on the Tramore Road and fluffypants gently coaxed me home leaving me to have a little sob at the end of the Folly....
Still though, great to be back on the bike.
Stats (from my Garmin) - Distance 54 miles, Avg Spd 17.1 mph (higher for those who didn't bonk I'm sure), Punctures 1 (by cannonball no less)...
Same time next week.


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