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Post by roco71 on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:31 am

Anything interesting happen then??


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Last Saturdays Spin  Empty Last Saturdays Spin

Post by Spins on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:45 am

So eight of us, Dave D, Emmet, Paul O, Phil, Mark D, Robin, Mike B and I left the TOP station at 9.30 on Saturday morning for ‘a gentle spin’. Little did we know what lay ahead of us……

We decided to go out the Cork Road, up Mahon Falls and straight back.
After a handy cruise out the Cork Road we hit Mahon Falls. Jeez, I had forgotten how tough a climb it was. The first bit from Mahon Cross to the turn off in to Mahon Valley definitely was not that steep last time I was up it. I put it down to erosion, tectonic shift and/or climate change. OR it might just have been not enough training. Had to lie down for ten minutes at top, all the 2012 Ironmen looked like the most they’d done was stretched their legs.

We decided to go back down the way we came up as the descent on the other side was meant to be in a poor condition i.e. road surface. Ironic in hindsight.

On the descent, only 1km. from the top, Mark D, Mike B and Dave D overshot a turn. Mark sustained some gnarly road rash on his hip and a badly stained gilet. Mike was lucky enough to be able to avoid coming off the bike but Dave unfortunately HAD NO BRAKES!!!! and went flying off the bike in to the ground.

At first we suspected he had broken his collar bone or arm. His helmet definitely saved him more serious injury and there was a bump/graze on his forehead to prove it. His glasses lay smashed on the road too and he also banjaxed his crank. We were quite worried at first, but Dave came around after an initial period of shock. As it happens, don’t think anything was broke as I know he was spotted downing Guinness in The Tap Room the same night.

Dave managed to get a lift off a kind couple down to Mahon Cross where the rest of us were waiting for his fiancé to arrive to pick him up. Meanwhile Paul O was very kindly wheeling Dave’s bike down off the mountain when a passing vehicle flicked a rock up off the road in to the chain stay of his brand new Felt AR4 and cracked it, Shite! It’s sad to admit but when it appeared that Dave would probably be ok, I felt sorrier for Paul. Don’t worry though Paul, it can be repaired, they have the technology.

Anyways, Paul and Dave had to get a lift home and the rest of us booted in the road taking 1 minute turns at the front averaging c. 25mph to Kilmeaden. I was in bits, AGAIN! Mark Daly took the green jersey at the Kilmeaden roundabout.

An eventful morning on the bike and a good excuse to stay away from Mahon Falls for a while.


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