Kilmurrin & KCS face.

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Kilmurrin & KCS face. Empty Re: Kilmurrin & KCS face.

Post by Pio on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:34 pm

Well Tom,

Glad the hear your ok. As usual you would have had no problem catching me on the hills. My brother was fine he only
jumped into the ditch to avoid you. Looking forward to seeing the photos. It was nice of Shane to bring you in some apples, not even a grape or a bottle of Lucozade.


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Kilmurrin & KCS face. Empty Re: Kilmurrin & KCS face.

Post by Helly on Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:08 am

I got some photos if anyone wants to see tomorrow nite....


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Kilmurrin & KCS face. Empty Kilmurrin & KCS face.

Post by kc on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:25 am

Thanks to everyone who helped me out when I decided to do a face plant on the hill up out of Kilmurrin this morning. I slipped a gear or dropped the chain or something and used my face as a brake. Not recommended I might add. A special big thanks to Derek Nolan who came upon us and brought me first to the Order of Malta who were in Fenor for the family day cycle ( I was a great add for cycling!!) and then to the arms of my beloved who was waiting to shower me with sympathy and feel sorry for me!!!!. Anyway got a few stitches in three cuts on my face and apart from some injured pride I am OK. Teena insisted I go to the care Doc (you dont argue with teena after falling off a bike and looking like a lump of chopped liver) But I was in and out in 20 minutes , stitched, tetaus injection and perscription under your arm, Better than A & E in Ardkeen . So a really big thank you all again and I hope I didnt take John ( Pios brother )down with me, I was looking forward to taking John Mc and Pio on the hill out of Annestown and all. ah well next time. Now to check out my bike and make sure its ok. Teena have you seen my bike anywhere I thought it was in the hall. Now calm down love I dont think the bike would fit up there anyway???????. No really where did you put the bike??????????
Thanks for the phone calls and the visit as well and Shane thanks for the Apples???????


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Kilmurrin & KCS face. Empty Re: Kilmurrin & KCS face.

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