Viking Ride

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Re: Viking Ride

Post by Pio on Sun May 29, 2011 7:47 pm

Thanks Tom for not mentioning the fact that I had to head home after the ferry when the legs went (I did ring home for a lift but the wife was busy at her god childs communion, or something like that) and didn't make it to Dunmore and home that way. So I only managed 130k of the 150k, I was sick all week honest. My brother struggled to the 150k so I'll be hearing about that after. Nice spin apart from that.


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Viking Ride

Post by kc on Sun May 29, 2011 12:05 pm

The first Viking Ride took place today and naturally the Waterford Tri Club was represented by Pio Wyse , his brother John Louis Carroll, Jim Baldwin, Tom Casey and a friend ( well he was a friend before we abondoned him just after Inistioge). Liam O Brien. You see we were too early for the food stop in Inistioge and were heading for Fethard with serious intent, we were hungry so the hammer went down and nobody looked back until New Ross when we noticed Liam was missing. Its ok I spoke to him later and he is alive and well. Anyway we got well fed in Fethard and then joined in with the 20 or 30 cyclists who arrived at fethard while we were there and we flew back to The Passage ferry with keith Gator( formally of Comeragh CC ) leading the way at about 50k/ hour. Overall a good hard day but very enjoyable( apart from Louis 2 punctures) We discovered some serious hills that we never cycled up before and they were b$$$$$$$s. Put it on your calender for next year its a good one.


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