Sunday 27th February Cycle

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Sunday 27th February Cycle Empty Sunday 27th February Cycle

Post by Spins on Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:35 pm

I’m standing in for our intrepid reporter Aerohead this week but without all the names etc.
Myself and Stefan left early today and headed out to meet Brian in Tramore before cycling over to the Top Garage to meet the others. There was a bunch of about 12 there, WTC and a few Carrick members. We headed out the main road to Lemybrien with a strong enough wind in our face taking turns up the front. By Carrolls Cross the group had already split in two with some hard work being done up the front. Unsure where Michael C and others ended up going. From Lemybrien we went up the Mauma Road (two weekends in a row for some) and regrouped at the top. Davin, Stefan, Pio and ??(on a red Trek) headed on for Dungarvan. The rest of us - Me, Brian, Dots, Ger H, David D, Eoghan(?) took the easier option, downhill all the way to Lemybrien and home the main road. As is always the case, that headwind on the way out didn’t seem to be an equally strong tailwind on the way home, Sods Law I suppose. Stayed bright and dry all morning. My Garmin read 65 miles and average speed 16.2mph.


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