Huge Turnout for club spin

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Huge Turnout for club spin Empty Re: Huge Turnout for club spin

Post by ocos on Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:06 am

Yes a big thank u to those two kind Carrick Tri members who came to my assistance today Smile

Enjoyed the coffee with Donal in Leamy!!


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Huge Turnout for club spin Empty Huge Turnout for club spin

Post by Aerohed on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:07 am

Brilliant turnout for our club spin this morning! There were 26 of us in total starting off (including 4 from Carrick Club & 1 from Comeragh CC)..I don't think we have ever had such a number turn out for our weekend spin. And this is only January so it's looking good for the months to come.
We all stayed together as far as Lemybrien (approx 20miles) (myself, Ger Hearne, Davin Power, Marc O'C, Fergal Walsh, Mark Daly, Peter Barry, Pio, Brian S, Brian Flynn, Gavin Q, Emmet K, Stefan, David (from Tramore), Tom Casey, Norma G, Michael Carroll, Caroline R, Olive C, Stephen B, Fergie Nolan, Tommy Fanning, David Grace, Stan Power, Brianne & Sinead Nolan)

We pulled in at Lemybrien to re-group and 5 of the group decided to turn back with the rest of us carrying on to Carrick. We had a head-wind with undulating roads for this road so pace was stead enough. By Carrick we had split up a bit with 15 of us re-grouping through Carrick.
On the main road home heading to Fiddown bridge & again from near Portalaw to Kilmeaden we picked up the pace for a some long tempo sessions. There was blood, sweat & tears here as everyone worked really hard. We took it handy back to Waterford from Kilmeaden with some cycling out to Tramore & back as well.

Approx. 65 miles in total. avg. speed 18mph approx.

Have to apologise to Olive C. who we dropped near the Long Haul on the way out as she got a puncture. Thanks to Donal Jacob (from Carrick Tri) who was late turning up (luckily) as he helped her out so they carried on together. (And thanks to Francis Kennedy who came to her rescue for her 2nd puncture on her way home, after Donal had to get a lift home due to broken chain!!)

It was great to see some of our newest members out for the cycle also.

We won't have a club spin next Sunday as we will have our club training duathlon in Butlerstown instead to hope to see everyone there, 10.30am.
(There might be a spin on Saturday instead so keep an eye on the forum during the week)

Thanks again to everyone who turned up today.


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